New Year, New Me?

New Year

Follow my blog with BloglovinIt’s nearly 2018. We all have that one friend that claims this new year is going to be the year they’ll change their hair, stop smoking, ditch that toxic person in their life and become an all-round better person. If you can’t think which friend that is, it’s you. These claims are normally met with a fair bit of eye rolling.

But is there anything wrong with having goals, wishes and wants for the year ahead?

The 1st of January is as good a time as any to have a fresh start. Whether you’ve left a relationship, want to get something more out of your job or university life or you just want to get your **** together, a new year is a perfect opportunity for a fresh

start. So why is it that the same people end up saying the same thing every single year?

The place where people go wrong is thinking that if there’s been no results by the week two of January, it’s never going to happen. Take the January gym rush, for example. Gyms are clever at reeling you in with cheap deals if you sign up for an extended period of time. They know exactly what’s gonna’ happen. Just because you’ve been eating nothing but avocado for 2 weeks and spending every waking moment in the gym doesn’t mean you’re going to suddenly drop down to a size 8.

Nearly everything in our lives nowadays is instant – iMessage, Whatsapp (other instant messaging platforms are available), HECK you can even get your ASOS delivery the same day now. We’re so used to getting things straight away that we’re prone to giving up if we don’t get it almost immediately.

So… what’s the secret?

Yes, we all make New Year’s resolutions and yes, we all have the intention of sticking to them. But let’s ease up on the pressure – just because you want to feel better about yourself doesn’t mean you need to be at the hairdressers at the crack of dawn to get that bob. You don’t need to clear your cupboards of every single bit of post-Christmas chocolate and you certainly don’t need to spend £400 on a year’s gym membership.

The most common New Years resolutions include spending more time with friends and family, exercising more and spending more time on personal well-being. You don’t need to splash the cash or make drastic decisions to achieve these.

It’s all about baby steps.

Want to get healthier and exercise more? Try taking the stairs instead of waiting for the lift.

Want to spend more time with your family? Give them a call on Sunday night instead of binge-watching the TV.

Keen to spend more time on personal well-being? Start by switching off your phone for an hour and doing something you enjoy.

So yes, New Year is the perfect time to start something new, turn over a new leaf and ‘start again’. But stop using January 2nd as the benchmark. Change is a gradual thing. Write down everything you’d like to achieve for next year and why and keep it in a safe place. If you find yourself struggling, try reading it and reminding yourself why you want to make this change. If you’ve still not made any progress by December 31st 2018, then fine – give yourself a good talking to, but don’t punish yourself by giving up all your goals because it doesn’t happen straight away.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and the happiest of New Years.


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